Monbulk Rangers Soccer Club plays their competitive football in two associations, the VCFA and the FV. The club is well represented in both with Senior and Junior  Men , Women, Boys and Girls.

The VCFA Juniors are a mainly a mixed competition, with both boys and girls playing in the U11-U17 teams.

Both VCFA and FV Seniors  and the FV Juniors play in a single gender competition.

FV Miniroos is mixed gender play, and players can easily play up or down an age division if required.



Our FV Senior men currently play in State League 3 and our Senior Women in State League 1


Our VCFA Seniors play from in a range of competitions from Division 1 to Division 5



Sub-Juniors (U8-U11)

Our Sub-Juniors start of with training at Goalkick at the youngest age, and from the U8 level they play in the FV Miniroos competition. U8 and U9’s play on small quarter pitches, whilst the U10-U11’s play on half fields.

Our teams are based on friendship groups and the aim is to make room for all to play, whilst learning new skills.  The aim is to get all teams playing as much as possible.

Miniroos is non competitive, the emphasis is on player development, and enjoyment.

It is not “did you win?”, but “did you have fun?”

Miniroos plays in 2 competitions, and teams choose which one they wish to enter, either Saturday, or Sunday mornings.

Juniors (U12-U18)

In the Juniors at Monbulk Rangers SC we play in the FV as well as the VCFA from the U12 level. The FV at this stage, is competitive, and selection trials at the start of the season may be necessary for top team divisions.

U12 FV boys play half pitch, and U12/13 FV Girls play half pitch also, it allows greater focus on skill development, with more touches on the ball.

FV is skill based, and our Junior FV teams are entered into the division that best suits the overall team.

They play on Sunday mornings.

The Junior VCFA teams, are friendship group teams that play Saturday mornings.

There are no divisions, so teams are made up of various skill levels.