Posted on Tuesday 28th May, 2019

MRSC has enlisted Change of Focus Sports to take team, and individual player photos for our club.
Photos will be taken the week of the 10th of June, during training sessions.

This is one of the club’s fundraising events, and the money raised is then put into our club’s equipment, grounds, and special club events, such as Family Day.

Here is the link for ordering, please order before photo day –>
Just click on the Rangers logo/
The package is 2 portraits and one team photo for $40
A team photo is $25 and Portraits (2) $28.
There is a magazine package and a sibling package which is $60
There are larger options (Posters) available as well

For that training session players will need to be wearing their full MRSC uniforms.

Please contact your team managers for further information