Posted on Monday 27th September, 2021
Hi everyone,
Unfortunately we were unable to get to the end of the Season due to the current situation in Victoria.  However as always all our Monbulk Rangers teams played with heart and soul whilst demonstrating some wonderful skills and having a great time!We have had to currently postpone our Presentation Day and AGM but are hopeful that restrictions will ease for us to put  together a Gala Day in late November / early December.

All Coaches and Team Managers who have team tubs – please just hold onto them and we will in touch about collecting them as soon as we are able.

Stay safe everyone!

Cheers Jacqui

Our Gala Day will look ahead to 2022 and will include:
  • Club AGM
  • Presentation Day
  • Registration Day
  • Family Fun Day


Dear Members of the MRSC Community,

Looking to a Re-Engerized 2022

The last couple of years has presented challenges to the running and viability of our wonderful Monbulk Rangers Soccer Club.  We started off 2020 with a somewhat diminished Committee and, after the ongoing lockdowns, membership was reduced coming into 2021, as was people’s desire to join the Committee. And we get that.

Looking forward, we see that we are at a critical point where we need the Club re-engerized, with clear direction and goals heading into 2022.  In fact, it is essential that this happens for the Club to survive.
We aim to start 2022 (where we are all very hopeful that a largely vaccinated population means lockdowns will be behind us) with a Strategic Plan in place, an enthusiastic group of people guiding us, and a great team of willing and able helpers.

So, we are asking everyone in the MRSC Community if you could please take a little time to consider if you might be able to assist us with this goal, either as a Committee member or as a helper – or you can be both!  We know that the key barriers to people taking on Committee roles and other jobs are:

  • a lack of time;
  • the impression that you will be ‘roped in’ to lots of extra jobs;
  • the thought that you might get stuck in a role that, as it turns out, you don’t really want.

In answer to the above, one of the best things to hit the Club in the past 12 months has been our paid Administration Officer, Jacqui.  She has taken over many administrative tasks which has alleviated the pressure on time for the current Committee members, as well as taking on so many of those ‘little extra jobs’ with efficiency and enthusiasm. That role will continue into the future.

Also, should you take on a role that you find you can’t continue with, you will not be ‘stuck’.  We are very understanding. Truly.

At the next AGM, we will have two vital positions vacant on the Committee Executive, President and Treasurer, as well as other general Committee positions.

Please take the time to consider if you are able to contribute to the future direction of our wonderful Club by being part of the Committee.

Position descriptions for the Committee are available if you would like further information.
Similarly, if Committees aren’t for you, but you are keen to assist with the jobs that need to be done, can you please let us know.  Such jobs may involve some organizing, working in the Canteen or Uniform Shop, ground maintenance, processing accounts, helping out with membership drives or family activity days.

The future of the Club is depending on those than can, and will, join us to keep the Club viable and moving forward.