Posted on Monday 11th March, 2019

Family Day Program

Here are the time allocations for the Junior teams to get together at the club with their coaches, and have a go at bubble soccer, and target soccer.

U8, and Goal Kickers 10.15-10.45am
U9 VCFA Wizards 10.45 – 11.45am
U9 VCFA Spirits 10.45 – 11.45am
U9 VCFA Phantoms 10.45 – 11.45am
U9 VCFA Ghosts 10.45 – 11.45am
U9 VCFA Spooks 10.45 – 11.45am
U9 VCFA Shadows 10.45 – 11.45am
U10 VCFA Razorbacks 11.30-12pm
U10 FFV Rapids 11.30-12pm
U10 FFV Rockets 11.30-12pm
U11 VCFA Wildcats 12-12.30pm
U11 VCFA Wolves 12-12.30pm
U11 FFV Wolverines 12-12.30pm
U12 VCFA Dynamites 12.30-1.15pm
U12 VFA Missiles 12.30-1.15pm
U12 FFV Spartans 12.30-1.15pm
U12 FFV Sapphires 12.30-1.15pm
U13 VCFA Rangers 1.15-2pm
U13 FFV Raptors 1.15-2pm
U14 VCFA Tigers 1.15-2pm
U14 FFV Spells 1.15-2pm
U15 VCFA Rebels 1.45-2.30
U15 VCFA Raiders 1.45-2.30
U15 FFV Outlaws 1.45-2.30
U17 VCFA Panthers 1.45-2.30