2019 FV Spells

Fixture | Ladder

Coach : Ben Wallis

Team Manager : Fiona Green


  • Samantha Badgery
  • Olivia Vandenberg
  • Sara Greenhaigh
  • Helen Gruner
  • Ash Lavender
  • Gracie Gay
  • Gypsy Davis
  • Alice Hunt
  • Scarlett Evans
  • Grace Diprose
  • Madalin Brown
  • Aaliyah Roberts

Team Gossip

About the team and their soccer experience :

  • Helen

“I am thankful for having such a supportive soccer team, that really cares for everyone, and I have so much fun during the game.
I love how I can just forget about school exams and assignments when I playing soccer.
The team makes me feel less stressed about school and I am grateful for having such lovely caring friends in the Monbulk Ranger Soccer Club.
All the people really make Monbulk truly the best community to live in.”

  • Sara

The reason why I love soccer and the people involved is because of the support throughout the whole team, i have been through a rough 2 years and soccer has been my escape from my troubles. From playing soccer I have learnt a great offence/defence game plan in my head that I can use for basically any sport.

My favourite part about soccer isn’t just kicking goals but doing what I thought I wasn’t capable of and thinking about where the ball is going and acting on it. That’s what makes me smile. –

  • Maddy:

Q1:  What do you love about the game.?
Answer: It’s fun and fast paced. Every game is a new challenge. Not one person can be the team. We all play a role
Q2: What do you love about training.?
Answer: Getting to see everyone in the team, learning something new about the game and picking up new skills.
Q3: What have you learnt.?
Answer: I have learnt how to control the ball and how to be accurate and powerful when kicking the ball. I have also learnt how to work as a team.
Q4: What makes you smile.?
Answer: Showing up to training and the games and always having fun. It’s like hanging out with my friends…whilst doing exercise and learning about the game.

  • Gypsy :

Q1: What do you love about the game.?
Answer: I love the thrill of the game and scoring goals.
Q2: What do you love about training.?
Answer: I love playing games, being social and having fun with Neb (Gypsy’s nickname for Ben)
Q3: What have you learnt?
Answer: I have learnt about the rules as well as some skills.
Q4: What makes you smile.?
Answer: My team mates, doing well in the game and scoring goals!

2019 14/04 Spells vs Sth Melbourne