How do I sign up?

We have a Registration/Information Day in October at our Junior Presentation Day.

Our Club Registration is now online using the “Registration” links on our Home Page.


If you want to register after February

Please contact the Registration Officer to find out if there is still a spot left in a team of your age group.

After you have registered with the club you will be provided with the weblinks to subsequently register with the FV and/or VCFA.


My birthday is before the start of the season, which age group will I be in?

The age you have on the 1st of January determines your age group, if you’re 9 years old on the 1st you will be Under10 even if you turn 10 on the 2nd of January.


Which day are matches played?

  • VCFA Juniors U12 – U17 play on Saturday morning
  • VCFA Senior Men & Women play on Saturday afternoon
  • FV Miniroos U8 – U11 play on either a Saturday or Sunday morning
  • FV Juniors U12 – u18 play on Sunday mornings
  • FV Senior Women play on Friday night or Sunday afternoon
  • FV Senior Men play on Friday night or Saturday afternoon


Which day is training?

Goalkick (5 & 7 year olds) play on Wednesday afternoon, all other teams have training on various days depending on pitch- and coach availability.


How do I get a uniform?

A playing top will be provided to every player and needs to be handed in again at the end of the season. Shorts and socks (in our club colours) have to be purchased from our uniform shop.


What else can I buy in the Uniform shop?

Apart from the compulsory shorts and socks you can also buy a variety of items: Shin pads, Hoodies, Polo tops, Winter Jackets, Spray Jackets, Shell Jackets, Vests, Scarves, Beanies, Bags , Balls and Water bottles. New stock arrives frequently, so keep an eye out for the latest.


How can I sponsor Monbulk Rangers SC?

We have a range of Sponsorship Packages, from a simple Brick Sponsor in our new facility to Team Sponsors, Ground Sponsors, all the way to the Naming Rights to our new Monbulk Regional Facility. Please review our Sponsorship Packages.


I have an issue with a VCFA/FFV game/rule/official etc. What do I do?

With thousands of players on the pitches every weekend, it is fairly impractical for a parent to take up an issue with the FFV/VCFA. As a club we may have also encountered an issue before, so the first point of contact should always be our club. Talk to your team manager/coach, talk with the junior/senior coordinator, talk with the president. If we cannot resolve the issue, the club will take it up for you with the respective association.