At the U12 level Monbulk Rangers Juniors have the option to continue playing in the mixed VCFA competition or add a level of additional competitiveness and try out for an FFV Team.

The MRSC Juniors play mixed U12-U17 in the VCFA, and in the FFV we have U12-U18 teams in the Boys competition and U12, U14, U16 teams in the FFV Girls competition

The VCFA Juniors generally play their home games on Saturday mornings at Old Emerald Road, but due to the number of teams, they could also be scheduled to play at Moores Road.

The FFV Juniors play their home games on Sundays at Old Emerald Road.

The Junior VCFA teams, just like the Sub-Juniors, will often play a few rounds of “Cup Games” at the end of the year, in place of general “Byes”. Due to the ever changing number of teams in the age competitions there is generally no hard and fast format rule on how many games are in the competition or in the “Cup Games”. Keep an eye on the fixtures to ensure you know what happens in your age group.