Register to play

Monbulk Rangers plays their soccer in two associations, the VCFA and the FFV. As a result, there is a requirement to register with the club and with the association you play your soccer. This could indeed mean you register three times if you play both in the FFV and the VCFA. Your coach and/or Team Manager will assist you with this registration process and advise you which association you should register with.

Important note that is that we will ask you to register with the VCFA and/or the FFV, after we have established the possible selection for a Monbulk team. Please do not register for Monbulk Rangers with the VCFA (or FFV) without the go ahead from the Club.


2019 Fees

Our 2019 fees are as follows

*Goalkick (generally U5 – U7) – $180

*Sub Juniors (U8 – U11, born 2011 – 2008) – $345

*Juniors (U12 – U18, born 2007 – 2001) – $425

*Seniors VCFA – $440

*Seniors FFV – $510

Minimum deposit of $100 due by start of competition season and the full payment of fees is due by the 30th of May 2019.

The club also offers generous discounts to coaches, team managers and those serving important club roles like committee members


Monbulk Rangers Soccer Club Registration

The club has engaged Sporting Pulse again to handle our club registration process, hence it is now a very straight forward task.  Please click on the following link:

Monbulk Rangers Club registration


VCFA Player Registration

The VCFA registration is also handled by Sporting Pulse, but sadly the two systems are not linked.  If you played in the VCFA last year then for the VCFA you are a returning player, otherwise you are a “New Player” here as well, and “Registering for the First Time”.



FFV Player Registration

The FFV registration is handled by PlayFootball.  Ask your Coach/Team Manager for the FFV Registration link.